Glow Skin Care – A Luxurious Day Spa in Santa Rosa.

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Glow Skin Care is a day spa located in Santa Rosa, providing the following spa services: Microdermabrasion treatments, Skin Care, Detox Body Wraps, Professional Make-up, Waxing Services, Massage and more!

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Are you looking for the best way to rejuvenate aging, dull skin and restore the lustre it once had? We can help! We offer one the most advanced skin replenishing services, which is called Microdermabrasion. At Glow Skin Care we feature the Rolls Royce of Microdermabrasion machines, manufactured by Dermaglow. Our microdermabrasion treatment will restore your complexion and reduce years of environmental exposure and ageing from your skin. By offering the best microdermabrasion treatment, we have helped many people rejuvenate their appearance and we have received rave reviews on Yelp. With one treatment you will notice a significant difference in your skin's appearance. Having a microdermabrasion machine manufactured by Dermaglow makes Glow Skin Care is the best choice in Santa Rosa for scheduling a treatment. We only use the best spa products and the best spa equipment. To learn how you can benefit from our world class microdermabrasion treatments, call today. For more information, Click Here

Body Wraps

Our Body wraps can help you lose 4-14 inches and keep them off by removing the toxins that are preventing your problem areas from seeing the results you desire through diet and fitness. We recommended our detox body wrap to those who are looking to improve their health, appearance or need to slim down to fit into that special outfit. Our service is a great rapid weight loss tool, because with detoxification, you remove the toxins from your body in such a manner that it produces a slimming effect. This treatment is a great jump start for those looking to start a fitness program or those who have just completed one. Our Body Wrap service is the perfect solution for slimming down before a special event in your life, ensuring you look great in whatever you’re wearing. At Glow Skin Care, we are detox body wrap experts and we offer the best body wrap services. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions or schedule a free consultation, to see if a body wrap is right service for you. For more information, Click Here

Hair Removal, Waxing, Brazilian Wax and More

Do you have hair you would like removed? We offer body waxing services and our estheticians can remove any unwanted hair from the area or areas you desire. Hair removal via waxing has become a very popular service at our spa. Our esthetician has years of experience and a very gentle touch. We can remove hair from any part of your body. Our most popular hair removal waxing services are: face, brow, back, arms, legs, under arms, Brazilian wax and a bikini wax. If you are new to waxing or if you are considering getting your first Brazilian wax and would like more information, we do offer free consultations because it is our goal to educate you so you feel more confident about our hair removal service. Choosing Glow Skincare means you can rest assured, knowing we have a gentle touch and the best Yelp reviews in Sonoma County. Schedule a waxing appointment today and experience why our body Waxing services are considered the best for removing unwanted hair. For more information, Click Here

Spa Facials

Our spa facials have many benefits in addition to the pampering you will receive at Glow Skin Care. Our customers report feeling relaxed during the process and refreshed once the treatment is completed. We offer a variety of facial treatments and only use the finest of ingredients. A facial is a great way to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your face's appearance. The body's natural processes and environmental stresses can dull your facial skin. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and when that happens they can clog your pores. Simply being in the sun can dull your skin and cause your facial skin to appear old and warn.

At Glow Skincare, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality skin care products. We encourage you to schedule a luxurious facial at our Santa Rosa Day Spa and treat yourself to the pampering you deserve. We offer the finest line of facial skincare products. Those who are familiar with our day spa often book a facial along with one of other exquisite services. If you are looking for the best day spa in Santa Rosa, look no further than Glow Skincare. Book a facial in Santa Rosa at our facility and learn why we are a premier day spa! For more information, Click Here

Professional Makeup Services

Are you looing for professional makeup services? Look no further than Glow Skin Care! We offer makeup services for any event, including at your event. We offer onsite wedding makeup services at the location of your choice or we can perform our makeup artistry services at our spa. In addition to offering our wedding makeup artist service, we also offer makeup artists who are available for any special event including: Prom Makeup, Movie Makeup, Commercial Makeup, Photo Shoot Makeup, Video Shoot Makeup, Formal Event Makeup, etc… No matter what event you have you have, you can count on us make sure you are looking and feeling your best. For more information regarding our professional makeup services, call today! For more information, Click Here